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Transitional Lighting & Home Decor

Unique Home Furniture

Lillian Home creates unique home furnishings with this in mind. We sell a wide variety of pieces designed to bring out your family’s tastes and personality:

Wooden hanging lights and lamps. These are some of our bestsellers! Metal wall sconces that cast smooth, indirect light to warm your rooms and hallways. Finely crafted metal tables—perfect for centering a room or sprucing up a wall. Elegant mirrors that add space and brightness. Many other luxurious home furnishings and lights!


Always in Style

Detailed Craftsmanship

Lillian Home brings together a one-of-a-kind, heirloom look with a modern touch. This distinctive blend provides warmth, flair, and individuality.

Home redecorating is a special opportunity to make your home more yours. In our collections you’ll find something perfect for you, from our wooden hanging lights, to our gorgeous tables, and more. Explore your personal style!

European Style

Unique Home Furnishings

Everyone calls their furniture “unique,” but the reality is that most of it looks pretty similar. In contrast, at Lillian Home we create our designs in-house and really do strive for a truly original fashion.

The wooden hanging lights and wood wall sconces we mentioned are a perfect example of what we’re talking about: We sell many different styles of them, and they each have a flair and personality completely their own. That’s what we mean by “unique home furnishings:” You won’t find them anywhere else!

Be Inspired

Gorgeous Designs

Whether you’re redecorating your current home or furnishing a new one, Lillian Home will help you bring out the warmth and comfort you want from your home. You’ll be inspired by the simplicity and allure of our modern designs, while finding comfort in the elegance of our classic styles.

Create a beautiful balance in your home with Lillian Home’s wide selection of wooden hanging lights, wood wall sconces, fine metal tables, mirrors, and more. You’ll love how inviting and warm your home feels after you decorate it with furnishings that are not only beautiful but offer a reflection of your personal style. You deserve to live in a home that looks as good as the home you dream about!

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