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Transitional Home Decoration

Whether you want to give a suggestion of far-flung places or to boldly combine contrasting cultural elements in your home, Lillian Home shows how to incorporate exotic influences and artifacts in a transition interior.

In this imaginative and inspiring new website, Lillian Home, displays unusual combinations of old and new, exotic and everyday and shows how it is possible to mix global ingredients from different cultures with creative flair and panache. In our website, Lillian Home takes a look at decorative influences from all over the world and celebrates color palettes, textures, surfaces and furniture from as far afield as Europe, North America, the Far East and South America. Lillian Home examines the components of natural look: furniture, lighting, accessories - and mirrors, decorative items, and collectibles, all from exotic destinations around the globe. And finally you can purchase all merchandise here at Lillian Home.

Rooms that you have been dreaming of, it's one click away to make your place stunning. Lillian Home shows how to put the look together to create decidedly transitional  interiors that nevertheless possess a distinctly exotic flavor. Global Style is a look that is entirely personal. It can be built up from a single object or it can be inspired by nothing more tangible than a mood or a color. Above all, Lillian Home celebrates the exotic and unusual, and reveals how to use these influences to create a truly individual and stylish home. 

Decoration Color Tones

Earthy colors are making an appearance in 2019-2020 home decor trends. Taupe, navy, yellows, browns, blues, and greens are the top picks, with white and gold features being a particular hit. Incorporate some actual earthenware into the mix with our wooden lamps — available in white and gold, white,light blue with white, green with brown, and brown with gold colors.

Earth tones emphasize peace and tranquility. You might pair a soft-blue wall with deep blue grey, ginger, and maroon furniture in the foreground, reminiscent of rolling fields of grass in the dry season. A bold color wall might provide the ideal backdrop for our white furniture, reminiscent of home and hearth in the wintertime. Whatever you choose, go for contrast in your use of this very grounding color palette, and add a few indoor plants or a stone water feature to complete the look.

Vintage Style Light Fixtures in Gold, Silver, Black Color

This is one of our favorite 2019 home decor trends, because vintage and classic lighting designs are our passion at Lillian Home.We take vintage light fixture style turn into a 21th century Transitional lighting. Check out our collection of pendant lantern and chandeliers for ideas on vintage lights that could work in your home!

Hanging lights are wildly popular this year, with the new wave of enthusiasm for the farmhouse style. Metal and wood finishes are sure to please, but anything old-world and ornate will do the trick. For textures, built-in fading or a distressed look continue to be hot choices.